Natalie connects people to their truest selves and empowers them to live in accordance with their highest callings and values. 

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Natalie Venturi - Executive Coach.

Natalie helps emerging and established leaders with their executive presence, communication, and engagement.

Natalie is a W.P. Carey Business School alum and an award-winning professional actor who coaches Fortune 500 and non-profit employees in IT, Entertainment, Retail, Performance Management and Leadership Development.

She offers a diverse range of coaching experiences, assisting clients with executive level leadership, communication, public speaking, business strategy, and personal growth and development. 

Natalie hails from the mid-western United States, and currently resides in Los Angeles. She feels most at home when on a stage and holding babies—but not necessarily at the same time.

When she’s not checking items off her to-do list, she has been known to meet up with friends to read plays and recite Shakespeare monologues, or help them craft witty Match.com profiles. In her mind’s eye, she lives part-time on a gorgeous horse ranch in Montana.

Isabella Rossellini is her doppelgänger and one day, some fabulously famous and smart director will cast them to play sisters. 

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On stage & Holding babies...

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The work is high-touch and structured but allows room for flow (the heart). The results are transformative.


I help clients connect to their humanity and experience the power of their heart and voice. I teach them to fully embody their purpose, leadership style and communicate their vision with intention and purpose. 


I believe artful and meaningful communication deepens our humanity and inspires stronger connections with each other. Art inspires, nourishes, and connects us to our humanity
Because of that belief, I approach coaching as an artform. 


As a listener, we’re looking for that person who kind of excites the molecules within us – who knows how to tell the story that resonates deeply to our core and almost prompts us into action.

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